Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Can This Be????

Today our "baby" turns 12.Where did this "tween" come from? We just brought her home from the hospital, I thought....

    •              We prayed for her constantly before she was even born. 
    •              She was our first and she spoiled us.
    •              We were afraid we would damage her. She was early and so little.
    •              She constantly entertained us (and still does.)
    •              Being the firstborn, she definitely exhibited a take-charge attitude from the very                                            beginning.            
    •              We  always knew she was the smartest child in her class. (We just  didn't have the heart  to inform the other parents of this.:)
    •               She was daddy's girl and mommy's baby.


 Now, I am  noticing little changes that are taking place:

    •              She is becoming a young lady.
    •              She is subtly pushing for independence. 
    •             Trying to reign in her changing emotions.
    •              Taking more time to get ready to go somewhere. She wants to look nice, but is conflicted with that inner "little kid" who doesn't really care how she looks.
    •              Wanting to spend more time with her friends, yet not wanting to miss out with her                     family.                  
    •               People are beginning to see her as a "dependable young person" which makes us     extremely proud.

       I know these are all things that must take place, but it still doesn't make it easier. I look forward
to watch what God has in store for her, but it is still so hard to witness all the changes. She is a beautiful  child/young lady and my heart feels as if it will be burst sometimes when I watch her playing with her brothers and sister. I want to will time to stop so she will stay a child and always want me to act silly with her or need me to kiss her booboos. However, I know it is not to always be this way. One day she will be kissing her baby's booboos. Until that time I will take every opportunity to thank our Heavenly Father that we were the ones chosen to raise this incredible gift from Him.  Happy Birthday my precious girl!

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