Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Get It Started!

I am finally doing this!After a bit of trying to figure out if I wanted to start a blog or should, I have finally taken the plunge into blogger world. I have read some blogs and thought, "Hey, I can do that,too!" Yet, when it came down to making the actual decision, I felt just like I did when my husband and I decided to have children. Whoa boy!
So, a little about me: I am a wife to my best friend, Mike. We have been married for soon-to-be 16 years. I am so looking forwarded to growing old with this Godly,wonderful, and handsome man. Together, we are parenting our four precious(sometimes...) children. Bethany is in the 6th grade, Samuel is in the 2nd grade, Elijah is in the 1st grade, and bringing up the rear is Ella, our 2 year old.
We are homeschooling them all. Yes, you did just read correctly! This is Bethany's 4th year at home and  the first year for the boys. So, we will save a post for that on another day. Let's just say, it has been an adventure.
Anywhoo... so on this little blog-o, you will see a little bit of everything.Well, not everything. You know what I mean. Wanna keep it family-friendly, you know:) Family-life, Homeschooling, DIY crafts, Recipes, a little this and some of that. Either way, just a whole lot of family and fun.
I hope you will stay with me and I hope I can share ideas and thoughts with you about the life of a stay- home, homeschooling mom.
Here's a little teaser~next post will involve a spice rack and my bedroom. Heehee, now you know you want to see what THAT'S about!See you soon.